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A Complete Smile Says It All!

Fifty years ago, if you had a crooked smile, missing teeth, or discolored teeth, you chalked it up to “character” and lived with it for the rest of your life. Those days are gone. Recent advances and new technologies can make your smile everything you want it to be, because you have the benefit of complete dentistry. Despite these rapid developments, not all American dental offices practice this concept of complete dentistry. Only a small portion of today's dental practices address problems from a holistic standpoint. Instead, many practices opt to resolve the immediate issue at hand first. Rather than reactive dentistry—a dental practice characterized by problem and solution—we offer proactive dentistry—a dental philosophy emphasizing the endless opportunities to achieve that optimum and total state. At Complete Smiles, we are fully committed to the complete treatment of your smile based on health, comfort, function, and beauty by providing complete confidence, complete dentistry, and complete smiles.

About Us

Specializing in Family, Cosmetic and Orthodontic dentistry, Complete Smiles Dentistry, PLLC is the longest-running, state of the art dental practice located in Coppell, Texas. For over thirty years, Complete Smiles Dentistry has served the local community by offering complete dental heath care. We are open Monday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday are by appointment only. Offering a variety of services, we are proud of our implementation of advanced techniques and technologies in order to offer Same-Day dental procedures—see below for more details. Come in for a complimentary consultation today!

Specialized Treatment Customized for You

When you come to Complete Smiles Dentistry, you’re visiting a team that will truly listen to you. After all, every patient is unique and has different needs. We’ll always take the time to understand how your smile is doing so that we can provide the most customized care possible. Formulating specialized dental plans, we seek to empower you with treatments that fit your needs, your circumstances, and your lifestyle. From the way we treat you and the attention we provide, you’ll be able to see just how much we care for you and your family.

Need an Appointment Now?

At Complete Smiles Dentistry, we are very proud of our implementation of new, modern technologies that have revolutionized the field of dentistry. From laser whitening to implant supported crowns, bridges, and dentures, we have it all. Most notably, we offer the E4D System, an advanced system that precisely scans and replicates your tooth structure. With this cutting-edge technology, we provide an unparalleled dental experience, enabling us to deliver high quality dental restorations in a single, same-day appointment.

Have an emergency? We are prepared to help! Simply, give us a call at (972) 393-0708, and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation and assist you promptly.

Insurance Accepted and Financing Offered

We know how important dental insurance is—that’s why we’re in- network with many PPO insurance providers. Even if we’re not in your provider’s network, we’re still happy and willing to file a claim for you. For those with no dental insurance where financing is important, we offer special financing. If you have questions for us about your insurance or receiving financing, we’ll be more than happy to answer them for you! Don’t let finances get in the way of getting to the dentist, we will help find a solution. We want to help every patient receive the timeliest care possible in order to prevent problems from becoming more extensive and more costly.

A Queen's Smile

At Complete Smiles Dentistry, we are incredibly proud of three of our patients that have gone on to win the title of Miss Texas and compete at the Miss America Competition: Miss Texas 2005 Morgan Matlock, Miss Texas 2012 DaNae Couch, and Miss Texas 2015 Shannon Sanderford. From Atlantic City, New Jersey to Las Vegas, Nevada, these special ladies have dazzled the audiences with their beauty, poise, talent, intelligence, and, of course, their complete smiles, earning all of them a spot in the Top Ten.